We're still making changes to the Rules, So expect to see this changing from time to time.

The nosue! Rules

Messaging ladder
  • Why this ladder?
  • Over the past few months nosue! has seen great growth in the community. With the influx of people, there is also an influx of issues that need dealing with. As such we have introduced a messaging ladder to filter problems by their severity and assign them to team-members best-fit to deal with them.
  • What does the ladder look like?
  • Moderators -> Admins -> Community Manager -> Connor / Hidekazu
  • You should always message Moderators first with your troubles.
  • If a Moderator is unable to handle your problem, they will forward it to an Admin. Only message admins, if things are starting to get serious.
  • Only message the Community Manager if there are no Admins online or if an Admin is incapable of solving your problem.
  • Message Connor / Hidekazu only as a last-resort. Do not bother them with miscellaneous stuff at any point. Messaging Connor / Hidekazu is okay. If you’re experiencing serious issues with the server, and even then verify that you’re not the only one to have this problem
General Rules
  • Discussing cheating (cheaters, cheating tools, cheated scores) is allowed, but may be stopped by team members at any point. Advertising cheaters or cheating tools is strictly forbidden and may bring forth severe repercussions.
  • Sharing of any files acquired via illegitimate means (Pirated games/movies/manga etc.) is not allowed. This includes the modified osu!.exe. You don’t want to break this rule.
  • Any kind of spamming will not be tolerated. (including, but not limited to ASCII-code.)
  • Swearing is fine in moderation. Don’t abuse others with profanity.
  • Mods may remove any swearing as they see fit.
  • Your username is your second name. Don’t make it inappropriate. (slurs, curses, overall profanity, lewd topics etc.)
  • Impersonation of other osu! players (such as rrtyui, Cookiezi, Doomsday etc.) will get you into a lot of trouble.
  • Avatars must have no photosensitive elements (flashing/strobing lights)
  • Keep it civil. Banter is allowed, but do not go out of your way to hurt someone’s feelings.
  • Public discussion of anything considered 18+ or NSFW (sexual topics, drugs, overly violent topics etc.) is strictly forbidden. Private Messages remain unaffected.
  • Any form of advertising or referral-links are plain-disallowed. Don’t even bother.
  • Exploiting any server- or client-side bugs is a big no-no and will be dealt with. Harshly.
  • An admin’s word is always non-negotiable.
In-Game Rules
  • Use of any third-party tools or modifications to achieve scores will land you a date with our banhammer.
  • Only one account is allowed per person. Violating this rule is a serious offense and we deal with multi-accounts seriously.
  • No spamming in any channels for any reason at any point.
  • Keep swearing to a minimum and do not abuse others with your potty-mouth.
Forum Rules
  • Stay cool, stay relevant to the topic.
  • Do not go on flaming or flooding sprees.
  • Creation of toxic or clickbait threads means serious consequences.
Discord rules
  • Randomly highlighting people is unacceptable.
  • Drama is looked down on. Don’t bring it into Discord. All arguments are to be settled in private.
  • Spreading rumors or conspiracies is not allowed.
Reporting cheaters
    Spotted a dirty cheater? Here are all the ways to report the bugger: (Be sure to provide their name and the map where the cheating took place)
  • Message a Moderator or an Admin.
  • Submit a complaint on the #cheaterreporting channel in our official Discord